Our Story

Do you know what kind of data you can get by just observing buildings with the right tools? A LOT. And it’s up to us to draw the limits. The issue we currently face is that we still need to find a way to commonly assess and certify buildings. A way which is valid and consistent across all EU Member States.

And this is what EUB SuperHub will do.

We will find a common way to look at buildings, assess their energy performance and work on how to make them more sustainable.

How, you may ask? We will scan and study the current energy assessment schemes and certification methods available in the EU, and we will develop common criteria to support the market penetration of certificates.

We contribute to a sustainable world while addressing the EU market needs

By concentrating all factual information on buildings in one place,  the user can easily track their carbon footprint and close the performance gap.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), Sustainability and SRI Ratings

We will create holistic, interoperable and transparent EPCs which will directly feed into the e-Passports.


Supported by the information located on the Digital Building Logbook, e-Passports will allow people to check the status of buildings in no time.

Our Objectives

This is what we will do to make energy efficiency a reality easier to track.


Development of an EU common framework based on European Common Voluntary Certification Scheme (EVCS), Smart Readiness Indicators (SRI)


Listing the common smart dimensions of buildings to eventually provide remote inspection and assessment


Creation of a digital logbook for market actors after finding a methodology to collect heterogeneous data for building intelligence


Setting up a digital one-stop shop where it’s possible to find assessment schemes,local databases and guidelines which will improve trust and transparency of EPCs


Reporting case studies from different locations, building types, climatic conditions and field practices

Our Partners

Key European institutions who make EUB SuperHub possible