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Public Consultation for EUB SuperHub CWA Now Open

We are thrilled to announce that EUB SuperHub has reached a significant milestone in its mission to revolutionise the certification process for buildings in Europe. The CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) titled "A Harmonisation of KPIs for the next generation of EPCs" is now available for public consultation until the 13th of May.

The Future of Building Data Management: The EUB SuperHub Digital Building Logbook

In a world where digitalisation reigns supreme, the construction sector is undergoing a transformation. Yet, amidst this digital revolution, the construction industry has lagged behind other sectors in harnessing the power of digital technologies. Enter the digital building logbook (DBL), a revolutionary concept mandated by the European Commission to revolutionise building renovations and propel the construction industry into the digital age.

The Transnational Framework and Passport: A Vision for Next-Generation EPCs

We are excited to share the latest milestone in our journey: Deliverable D2.5, the EUB SuperHub Transnational Framework and Passport. This executive summary encapsulates a comprehensive roadmap for implementing the EUB SuperHub certification scheme, a revolutionary model set to redefine energy performance certification across the European Union.

EUB SuperHub Deliverable D4.1: Mapping of Stakeholder Interaction and Identification of Market Actors' Needs

The EUB SuperHub project continues to make significant progress in its mission to revolutionise energy performance certification in the European Union. Deliverable D4.1, titled "Mapping of Stakeholder Interaction and Identification of Market Actors' Needs," presents crucial insights gathered from extensive stakeholder engagement activities.

EPBD Recast Policy Brief

The projects of the Next Gen EPCs cluster have developed project specific policy recommendations and experts’ opinions that offer a concrete suggestion on how to evolve to and implement the next generation of EPC products and services.

The new Cluster NextGenEPCS

EU Super Hub built synergies with other sister projects and all together formulated a Cluster called NextGenEPCS.

Discovering the EUB SuperHub Platform: A Holistic Approach to Building Energy and Sustainability

The EUB SuperHub platform, an innovative and interactive cloud data hub, brings together four modules: the E-Passport Cockpit (E-Cockpit), Planning and Verification Tool (PVT) module, Virtual Marketplace (VM), and the E-Training module. Intended to work as an interlocking system, these modules present a comprehensive approach to improving energy efficiency and sustainability performance in buildings.