What is EUB SuperHub doing?

To create a framework to assess energy in buildings and develop a common certification method, we have grouped our main focus around 5 key activities.

We will align the assessment system with EU standardisation efforts.

This will be done in terms of energy performance calculation, energy auditing, energy performance contracting and valuation of energy related investments.


We will integrate the assessment system and its results into the existing public rating systems.

Our partners from Germany, Italy, France, and Austria will ensure this activity will be fully functional.


We will train energy and sustainability auditors on the new harmonized systems.

Across our partners we have access to a large network of ECP public managers and auditors qualified as assessors in Protocollo ITACA, 100 in KGA, 300 in BNB/BNK; 1000 in CSTB.


We will evaluate the public acceptance.

Through transnational surveys (AHH method and Delphi method) we will understand the applicability of the harmonized EPCs and passports.


We will test what we do.

That’s why we have case studies. About 100 very diverse buildings will be tested to make sure the EUB SuperHub methodology is fully functional and valid.