EPC Sister Projects

CrossCert https://www.crosscert.eu/

Creating a product testing methodology for the new Energy Performance Certificates approaches.


D^2EPC https://www.d2epc.eu/en

Setting the grounds for the next generation of dynamic Energy Performance Certificates for buildings.


E-DYCE https://edyce.eu/

Increasing the reliability of the energy performance assessment process through dynamic Energy Performance Certification.


ePANACEA https://epanacea.eu/

Creating a Smart Energy Performance Assessment Platform to overcome the challenges to the current Energy Performance Certificates schemes.


EPC RECAST https://epc-recast.eu/

Supporting the development, implementation, and validation of a new generation of Energy Performance Assessment and Certification, with a focus on existing residential buildings.


iBRoad2EPC https://ibroad2epc.eu/

Integrating building renovation passports into Energy Performance Certification schemes for a decarbonised building stock.


QualDeEPC https://qualdeepc.eu/

Increasing the quality and cross-EU convergence of Energy Performance Certificate schemes and enhancing the link between EPCs and deep renovation.


TIMEPAC https://timepac.eu/

Improving existing certification processes towards innovative methods for energy performance assessment and certification of buildings.


U-CERT https://u-certproject.eu/

Introducing the next generation of user-centred Energy Performance Assessment and Certification Scheme to value buildings in a holistic and cost-effective manner.


X-tendo https://x-tendo.eu/

Providing public authorities and implementing agencies with improved compliance, reliability, usability, and convergence of next-generation energy performance assessment and certification.