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Energy assessment in buildings can be comparable across Europe.
And this is what we aim for.

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We create a common approach to building assessment.

EuB SuperHub is an Horizon 2020 project whose final goal is to develop a methodology and framework that all Member States can use.

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"Measuring Building Performance and Operational Rating" workshop

Wednesday, September 7th, 2022 | 14:45h - 18h | Hybrid

Sustainable Places Conference 2022, Nice

Next generation of energy certification: stakeholders’ needs and expectations

Are you interested to know what are the needs and expectations of the building actors regarding energy certification? Let’s have a look at the public Deliverable 1.3 of EUB SuperHub!

It consists of the identification of needs and expectations of public institutions and market actors in relation to next generation of EPCs.

EPCs, sustainability certifications and buildings’ green value

Task 1.4 Impact of energy efficiency improvements and certifications on the value of buildings. The task objective was to study the impact of energy efficiency and sustainability improvements on the market value of buildings by evaluating existing literature and analysing specific impacts of labels and certificates to create "green value".
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