EUB SuperHub kick-off meeting

The preparation of a Grant Agreement for an H2020 project is a journey that takes you to a "first stop": the kick-off meeting of a project. The EUB SuperHub project started officially on the 1st of June 2021, with the kick-off organized online for the 10-members consortium from 7 EU countries.

Geonardo, as project coordinator, has good feelings towards organizing kick-off meetings: the atmosphere is cosy, and partners are excited to join a new venture in executing research and innovation actions that lead to advances beyond the current state and potential new practices that help push the limits of science and technology.

On June 10-11, all EUB SuperHub consortium members presented at the two-day project start event. We listened to each other's ideas on the project's implementation, dealing with the next generation of energy performance certificates (EPCs) and assessments methods. The consortium partners – coming from fields like architecture, BIM, assessment scheme operators, software developers, and the public sector representatives – exchanged their first ideas on the Work Packages (WPs) and task objectives related to stakeholders’ needs mapping, demo building criteria and selection process, exploiting European standards and research results, etc.

At the end of the two days, we all had a better idea of immediate steps to be taken. We will organise the work with the establishment of specific working groups – a subset of project partners that are the most efficient in executing the challenging tasks in the WPs. The EUB SuperHub consortium also heard the policy context and expectation of the Commission presented by our Project Officer.

As the first step of a 36-month journey, the kick-off meeting concluded successfully. Actions followed in the subsequent months with more detailed technical discussions in the individual Working Packages.