EUB SuperHub at IBS exhibition

EUB SuperHub and its sister project EPC Recast were introduced at the IBS (Intelligent Building Systems) exhibition by distributing flyers next to the Smart Building Alliance (SBA), one of the gold sponsors of the event.

IBS is an annual event for the energy performance of buildings that took place in Paris on October 20 and 21, 2021.

Impacted by the health crisis, the building and its connectivity market will experience a new dynamic linked on the one hand to new regulations, such as the BACS and tertiary decrees, the RE2020 (french energy and environmental new regulation), and ambitious energy performance objectives scheduled for implementation at the beginning of 2022 and, on the other hand, to the French and European recovery plans which favor the energy renovation of buildings, one of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

In this context of ecological transition with a zero-carbon objective by 2050, the regulatory sector (GTB, GTC, HVAC, etc.) is positioned as a first-rate solution in which the new Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) will find their rightful position.

IBS 2021 is the trade fair for confirmation of the recovery thanks to the 100 billion euros economic recovery plan voted by the French government on October 27, in which the building was the first beneficiary from this year and will be spread over a decade. With nearly 150 exhibitors and more than 7,500 visitors expected over 2 days, the event is an important stage for discussing the new post-Covid situation, from teleworking to the emerging hybrid modes that are claiming connectivity, services, and security.

On the technology side, there is no shortage of new features with the confirmation of AI-related applications to improve the performance of buildings, which implies good data management. GTB, for its part, should confirm its significant role linked to management based on anticipation to achieve significant energy savings with a very short ROI. Occupant Services should benefit from a better interpenetration of the OT and IT worlds with BOS, still interoperable middleware, and ever more numerous and individualized mobile applications. Within this framework, we will integrate the harmonized European certification service represented by EUB SuperHub.

The 2021 edition offered a cycle of 20 conferences and 15 workshops focusing on business news and concrete projections for the years to come, all led by experts in the field interested in the future of the EPCs.