The new Cluster NextGenEPCS

EU Super Hub built synergies with other sister projects and all together formulated a Cluster called NextGenEPCS.

The Cluster aims to: 

  • facilitate the convergence of quality and reliability of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) across the EU 
  • overcome barriers to quality and reliability of current EPC schemes
  • transform EPCs into catalysts for the deep energy renovation of European buildings.


To maximise their impact and their outreach capacities, the Cluster used the expertise and knowledge of the Horizon Results Booster (HRB), an initiative of the European Commission which aims to bring a continual stream of innovation to the market and maximise the impact of public funded research within the EU.

The HRB prepared two major dissemination materials for the Cluster:

1. a digital leaflet

2. a promo video

If you want to learn more about the Cluster and its activities, check this article.