The Transnational Framework and Passport: A Vision for Next-Generation EPCs

We are excited to share the latest milestone in our journey: Deliverable D2.5, the EUB SuperHub Transnational Framework and Passport. This executive summary encapsulates a comprehensive roadmap for implementing the EUB SuperHub certification scheme, a revolutionary model set to redefine energy performance certification across the European Union.

At the heart of this deliverable lies a visionary approach to energy performance certification. By linking together various project outputs, we have crafted an innovative model for next-generation Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). This model not only ensures quality control, verification, monitoring, and inspection procedures but also introduces a transnational framework to streamline certification processes across Europe.

Curious to learn more? We have prepared a little summary for you of the main points addressed in this deliverable:


Key Components of the Certification Scheme

Chapter 1 of the report presents the EUB SuperHub certification scheme, outlining its fundamental elements. From certification processes tailored to building typology and use to scheme management and monitoring procedures aligned with international standards, every aspect is meticulously detailed. Moreover, the document goes over the content of the EUB e-Passport, the final output of the certification process, and its integration with the EUB Platform and Digital Building Logbook.


Guidelines for Assessment Standards

In Chapter 2, readers will find a comprehensive guide to the assessment methodologies of EUB SuperHub Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Drawing from previous project outputs, this section ensures the highest comparability of certification results across Europe. Detailed reporting formats for KPIs and minimum data quality requirements further enhance the transparency and reliability of assessment processes.


Roadmap for Implementation

Chapter 3 presents a reference roadmap for implementing the EUB SuperHub certification scheme across the EU. Informed by extensive market studies and stakeholder engagement, this roadmap delineates the conditions and tasks necessary for successful scheme management, testing, verification, and monitoring.


Looking Ahead

As we celebrate the achievements of Deliverable D2.5, we also look forward to the continued evolution of the EUB SuperHub project. With ongoing activities and the CEN Workshop Agreement on KPIs, we remain committed to advancing the qualitative excellence of next-generation EPCs and shaping the future of energy performance certification in Europe.


Access the full deliverable here!


Stay tuned for further updates and developments as we journey towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient built environment with the EUB SuperHub project.