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"Measuring Building Performance and Operational Rating" workshop

Wednesday, September 7th, 2022 | 14:45h - 18h | Hybrid

Sustainable Places Conference 2022, Nice

Next generation of energy certification: stakeholders’ needs and expectations

Are you interested to know what are the needs and expectations of the building actors regarding energy certification? Let’s have a look at the public Deliverable 1.3 of EUB SuperHub!

It consists of the identification of needs and expectations of public institutions and market actors in relation to next generation of EPCs.

EPCs, sustainability certifications and buildings’ green value

Task 1.4 Impact of energy efficiency improvements and certifications on the value of buildings. The task objective was to study the impact of energy efficiency and sustainability improvements on the market value of buildings by evaluating existing literature and analysing specific impacts of labels and certificates to create "green value".

Sustainability assessment of buildings: state of the art and future developments

Fiera del Levante – Smart Building 12 May 2022 | Workshop

Within the international trade fair Smart Building, UNI with the support of iiSBE Italia have organized a workshop dedicated to the sustainability assessment of buildings, exploring the environmental, social and economic dimensions. The workshop has been a path from the state of the art to the future developments dedicated to all interested stakeholders of the sector.

Transnational indicators for the next generation of energy certification

Are you interested in understanding more about transnational harmonised indicators for the next generation energy certification? Let’s have a look at the public Deliverable 1.2 of EUB SuperHub!

Local Advisory Team first meetings Definition of the EUB SuperHub web platform to answer the end-users needs

For this first meetings two mains points have been highlighted : the stakeholders needs for the next generation of Energy Performance Certificates and the adaptation of the EUB SuperHub web platform to the end-users needs.

EUB SuperHub at ENLIT Europe 2021

EUB SuperHub will participate at ENLIT Europe event 2021 as one of the 11 projects of the Next Generation EPCertificates H2020 cluster.

EPC projects of H2020 (2019-2020-2021) and joint ventures in 2021

In the latest rounds of H2020 calls for proposals, the next generation EPCs topic saw several projects excel and consequently get funded by the European Commission. Currently, 11 of those projects are running, all addressing the topic from usability of EPCs, calculation methods, policies and financing, building log-books and passports, etc.

EUB SuperHub at IBS exhibition

EUB SuperHub and its sister project EPC Recast were introduced at the IBS (Intelligent Building Systems) exhibition by distributing flyers next to the Smart Building Alliance (SBA), one of the gold sponsors of the event.

IBS is an annual event for the energy performance of buildings that took place in Paris on October 20 and 21, 2021.